If you are having trouble streaming a file from this site, we recommend downloading the relevant mp3 file instead. Every show now has a “download” button that will allow you to save the audio directly on your PC or mp3 player. That should solve any troubles associated with dropped connections or other Internet hiccups.

If you are hearing static or having trouble with speaker volume, we have found that listening through earphones or headphones helps tremendously. For some reason, the exact same audio will sound much more clear through headphones than it will over PC speakers. (We are also working hard to improve sound quality; our current shows are much better in this regard as compared to our early ones, but we still have miles to go.)

If you apply for CLE and do not receive your certificate within two minutes, check your SPAM folder. A few email programs filter our certificates out, presumably because we send out so many similar-looking messages every day. Another potential fix is to use a different email address. Yahoo and AOL, for example, filter against us pretty aggressively; sending your certificate to a business or gmail address will work more reliably.

Lastly, if you signed up for our subscription service but are not receiving those email updates, again a SPAM filter is likely to blame. If you can whitelist us, that would work best. If not, maybe try another email address, or sign up using our iTunes or RSS options instead of the email list.

For any questions beyond these, or if you have any feedback or ideas to share, please email us at support at ipcolloquium dot com. We monitor this site every day and aspire to respond to messages within a few hours at the latest.