The Intellectual Property Colloquium is an online audio program devoted to intellectual property topics.  We aspire to be something like an NPR talk show, but focused on copyrights and patents, and aimed primarily at a legal audience. Our programs are neither lectures nor debates. They are instead conversations, with guests drawn from academia, the entertainment community, the judiciary, and various technology industries.

Each program lasts one hour and can either be played on the site or downloaded to any PC or MP3 player. Moreover, lawyers who listen to the show can earn free CLE credit in California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, New Hampshire and Florida. Just click the CLE button on the appropriate show page.

The Colloquium is hosted by UCLA Law Professor Doug Lichtman. Its Student Director is Chris Moen; the Managing Editor is Alan Butler.

The Intellectual Property Colloquium is sponsored in part by the Kauffman Foundation, the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, based in Kansas City, Missouri, and on the web at www.kauffman.org.